For Pete Sake’s Rescue

P.O. Box 1982

Bristol, TN 37621-1982



We check references and conduct a home visit. If you rent we must have your landlord’s name and phone number to verify you are allowed to have a pet. Most animals are evaluated, and vetted prior to entering into foster care.  You supply the food and a safe and loving environment. Some animals need help with house training, socialization and obedience. Animals get stressed from shelter conditions. Shelters are noisy with limited one-on-one interaction. The animals don’t get enough exercise, training or socialization. With time, many animals develop psychological issues as pent-up energy, frustration, aggression or boredom builds.

Fostering is not a way to get a free pet. It is not a trial period before adoption. And it certainly isn’t easy. Fostering is a way to help an animal that really needs you. At times, it’s incredibly stressful. It requires dedication, hard work, serious time commitments, lots of stain remover, and — above all — an understanding of the purpose of the process. If you can’t give your heart to an animal and then let it go when it doesn’t need you anymore, you probably shouldn’t get involved.